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The Bakers' Dozen (The Law Lords)
By the end of "Suburban Heat: Rise Of An Empire - Book 1", the overall cast of Characters will amount to more than 200. Saying this, of course, the people named will consist of many aspects of both Lady Melissa and Xander O'Neill's life. In the first Chapter, you were introduced to a name, and with that name a reaction of loathing brought the actions of David to that of killing two Agency Employees - Marie and Giles. The name of their Employer will remain to resurface throughout the story, as eventually the full run down of 'The Law Lords' involvement is revealed.


Lord Kasabian London - Law Lord

Lord Martin Chatterwick

Lord Bill Cheatham

Lord Kenneth Massey

Lord Scott Davies

Lord Matthew Ellison

Lord Carl Vaughan

Lord Lucas Fellows

Lord Peter Northbrook

Lord Henry Fielding

Lord Seamus Billington

Lord David Price

Each Law Lord has his own area of authority around the United Kingdom, while there are those who are more senior to the other Lords, and those that possess the powers to take away the authority of some. The Hierarchy of these Lords is deep and complex, while those that stand in power above The Law Lords reside as such within 'The Four Houses', just as The Law Lords' do, too. Above 'The Bakers' Dozen', however, stands 'The House Of Grey', the platinum plinth within the whole political infrastructure.

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