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Suburban Heat: Rise Of An Empire - Chapter One: The Cacchiatori Wake Manor Connection (Free)
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Suburban Heat Chapter One - Synopsis

Lady Melissa James-Cartwright is in her mid-40's, her attractive looks just as sharp as the mind which was given the very best education, the very best lifestyle and the best place within political circles.

When she receives word that her brother-in-law, Terrence O'Neill has died of a heart attack, she attends the funeral at her sisters old home - a home where she was shunned from several years before. Lady Melissa James-Cartwright, the last of the Cartwright family line of daughters, travels to Cacciatori Wake Manor for one reason only - to get her Nephew Xander O'Neill and take him back to London.

With an ex-SAS Sergeant for a PA, Melissa attends the funeral alone and later meets up with David Price, her PA, where they play a dangerous game of Cat and Mouse with the local G-Cell who is led by Xanders' guardian Father Richards, who is well known for his tainted religious order - The Church of the New Faith. Hiding behind this non-ending loop of mass destructive bullshit, Melissa and David need to find out whether there was any truth in the stories surrounding the controversial Order.

Finding help in Stacey, Xanders Personal Aid, a meeting is arranged and events are set in motion where around every corner there is danger, intrigue, sex, violence and the use of political power. Exactly what Melissa and David have walked into, as they discover, is the struggle of an age old war of Secret Orders, and the initiation of electing a new leader for a new millennium - Xander O'Neill.

As the first chapter introduces the main cast that in the traditions of Cacciatori Wake Manor set out before the reader, it is the further introduction of less expected characters; Stacey, the loyal Aid to Xander, Giles, the puppet of Father Richards, and Lord Beacham, the illusive visitor who is not all that he seems when it comes to Lady Cartwright and David Price. A corner stone foundation that build the rest of the story into a legendary epicentre of intrigue, lust, jealousy and murder.

The fight for Xanders' custody will be harsh and intense, but most of all for the winner of the son and heir, the cost may be greater than anyone ever imagined. A twisted echo, a past voice and a ghost of the once living High Hat of Cacciatori Wake Manor will have every proceeding chapter rock the very foundations of the Establishment.

With a merging of "The Conspired Son", the new novel that was to be launched in both 2010 and 2011, it is the overlapping storyline within "Suburban Heat", that will bring to the forefront questions of a much different kind - is this story true? Are the characters based on real people? Will the novel be stopped from publication as "The Conspired Son" was earlier this year? All these questions will be answered when "Suburban Heat 1: Rise Of An Empire - Cacciatori Wake Manor Connection 1" is released this year on eBook Only.

With a target set of 50 pages in the very first chapter, which was also changed to that of "Cacciatori Wake Manor Connection", opposed to "The London Connection", the latter will now become that of Chapter Two, which is referred to as "Connection 1", "Connection 2", etc., etc., and will remain as such throughout the rest of the novel.

With a set page count it is hoped that if, at any time in the future the novel needs to be/ or is ordered to be or becomes systematically censored by any governing bodies in their wisdom to hush certain parchments of the story, then it can be done in such a way that the reader does not have to see a huge change or difference. As "Suburban Heat 1: Rise Of An Empire" is completely 'Uncut', it will be released as such.

We look forward to sharing the novel with you.

© MKDS 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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