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The long awaited 'Chapter Three: The Amsterdam Connection' is finally complete and ready for Direct Download through PRC (Kindle). Continuing the story of Master Xander O'Neill and his struggle to stay alive until his eighteenth birthday, when he will be old enough to take over the O'Neill Empire and business interest of "Suburban Life Magazine". Will he succeed in outwitting, outlasting and out running the infamous "Bakers' Dozen" and "The Church of the New Found Faith"?

Read on and find out in this most thought provoking and controversial new chapter that will bring the 'End Game' closer and open the eyes to many readers.


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2 The London Connection – Synopsis

Arriving home to London, Melissa, David and Xander are ambushed by Lord Kasabian London’s Security Team. Confronted by Lord Chesterton he escorts them personally to Lady Melissa’s’ apartment where he explains his reasons for the dramatic welcoming committee out in the empty streets of London, and alas reveals the damage in which has been caused by the murder of the two agents in Oak Wood Village and the connection between Father Richards to the Lords – aka The Bakers’ Dozen.

Revealing the changes within this Secret Society inside government to both Melissa and David, truths come to light in which change the balance of an age long power struggle between another divided Society one which could well bring down the British Government.

The key question on Lady Melissa’s’ lips is whether or not London is going to make the two – both her and David – pay for the Agents’ deaths in Yorkshire, or if they would be granted the immunity that has always been given to them? Lord Chesterton answers only in the defence of David, who has to be taken into custody, but as a friend he warns Melissa to watch out for Lord London and his hand of friendship.

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As through The MKDS Network Official Author's Website and most other website and Blogs that we use, the FREE offer of giving away Chapter's One to Twelve of the first Novel "Suburban Heat: Rise Of An Empire", has received some very astonishing results. Now, with the FREE READ topping 1,000,000 through the release of Chapter One and Two alone, we now offer it here on the U-Coz Official "Suburban Heat" WebBlog. All we ask is that you enjoy reading it and please, if you wish come back and tell us what you thought.

Thank You


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