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Suburban Heat: Rise Of An Empire - Chapter Two: The London Connection (Free)
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2 The London Connection – Synopsis

Arriving home to London, Melissa, David and Xander are ambushed by Lord Kasabian London’s Security Team. Confronted by Lord Chesterton he escorts them personally to Lady Melissa’s’ apartment where he explains his reasons for the dramatic welcoming committee out in the empty streets of London, and alas reveals the damage in which has been caused by the murder of the two agents in Oak Wood Village and the connection between Father Richards to the Lords – aka The Bakers’ Dozen.

Revealing the changes within this Secret Society inside government to both Melissa and David, truths come to light in which change the balance of an age long power struggle between another divided Society one which could well bring down the British Government.

The key question on Lady Melissa’s’ lips is whether or not London is going to make the two – both her and David – pay for the Agents’ deaths in Yorkshire, or if they would be granted the immunity that has always been given to them? Lord Chesterton answers only in the defence of David, who has to be taken into custody, but as a friend he warns Melissa to watch out for Lord London and his hand of friendship.

As Xander settles into the apartment, oblivious to that going on around him, Lady Melissa Cartwright tries to carry on as usual; keeping up appearances, running the day to day businesses that has helped maintain her fortune, and of course, protecting Xander from the reaches of all those wanting to hurt him. In between all of this, she tends and hosts the many Private Functions that bring together some of the biggest names in a world beyond that of the normal public reach.

When Prince Hassan of Egypt arrives in London unexpected, Melissa is handed a dossier that has been handed to the Prince by his very own Intelligence Agency in Cairo. And, when the contents refer to Father Richards and The Church of New Faith, it is not long before Xanders’ name is brought into the picture.

Spending the best part of the day with Xander, Prince Hassan is satisfied that the dossier contents which involved the boy are nothing to do with the young heir, and that he was indeed used as a pawn in the power struggle involving many politicians from all over the world. To celebrate the support now offered from the Egyptian Prince, Lady Melissa Cartwright organises a function to be held at the apartment – one that would send a clear message to ALL the world orders, including that of "The Bakers’ Dozen” in London, to leave Xander alone.

At the special celebratory function the select guests show their respects, write their cheques, announce their promises and reveal their deepest, darkest of secrets to the ears they wished to hear, while unintentionally revealing those that they didn’t, too. And, right in the middle of all this is Xander who is lost for words on the guests he sees as complete strangers, until half way through the function he is introduced to Natasha Ivancovavic, the daughter of Russian Tsar Romanov Ivancovavic, Lady Melissa Cartwright’s longest and dearest friend.

The remaining two weeks of Xanders’ stay at his Aunt’s apartment before plans are made for him to take a long vacation, as well as being educated on the important things involving both life and business are filled with regular visits from Natasha. Of course the objections of her father, Romanov, are heard by both Melissa and Xander, but in all fairness to the Tsar’s personal and business relations the meetings by both young people are tolerated.

Over seven days, Xander is taught the importance of separating business with personal involvements, so much so, that when an urgent meeting is called at Melissa’s’ home by Lord London himself, the one unexpected guest turns up under the protection of "The Bakers’ Dozen” – Father Richards. Agendas, plans and agreements are laid down on the table before all of those present. The Lord’s, the Royal’s, the more low profile Ambassador’s, and even Secretaries to country President’s and Leaders are present to learn their involvement within the slow change in political power. For Melissa, the need to know the exact connection between Father Richards and that of "The Bakers’ Dozen” was now vital.

When a split of power is declared between that of "The Four Houses”, it is Lord London and Lord Chesterton who advise Lady Melissa Cartwright to send Xander away for a while until the dust settles, though in objecting strongly in her Nephew leaving the safety of the London home, Melissa is faced with something unavoidable – Xanders’ positioning within the O’Neill Family Company.

Against Lady Melissa Cartwright’s wishes, the company Board of Director’s and Father Richards call a public press conference to announce the change of ownership within the "Suburban Life Magazine”, from the late Terrence O’Neill, to the now unaware Xander O’Neill. By the outcome of the Boards vote, Xander is sworn in as both President and Owner of the family business, while only being seventeen years of age, however, his place in running the large company is set back until he reaches his eighteenth birthday. In the meantime, Father Richards and the Board of Director’s’ run things as they had been since the death of Terrence O’Neill.

Now, with Father Richards as Xanders’ legal guardian, Melissa encourages Xander to take time out and travel the world, to which he agrees. Now armed with only a mobile phone full of specially selected Contacts and a limited spend account per month, Xander leaves London for his very first destination without his Aunt or David – he is on his own to discover the wonders, dangers and passions of an otherwise unknown world.

Suburban Heat: Rise Of An Empire – Chapter Two: The London Connection contains both sexual references, explicit and detailed sexual acts, violence and themes of sexual abuse which some readers may find both offensive and distressing. It is advised that only an adult audience read, purchase or lend this unabridged Chapter. Read Well.


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