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This Christmas - Houses Will Fall

Suburban Heat: Rise Of An Empire


From 1979 to 1990 the British government had acquired a truce with Russia on its strategic targeting of its I.C.B.M’s, this spelling the end of “The Cold War” and so beginning the founding stones of the domino trail that would lead the way to a whole new decade ahead. But deep in the background of all these world events and political concessions there stands a more darker plan manifesting within the ranks of ‘The Law Lords’, better known between The Secret Societies as the infamous “Baker’s Dozen”; 13 men who control the Nation’s public people, while they, the Lords themselves succumb to those ‘Four Houses’ of great power: The MoD, Police, Civil Services and Justice. As one ‘Secret Order’ to the next lock horns in the battle for global supremacy, only one with hope of uniting them all and bring balance within The Orders’ stands in their way.

When Lord Terrence O’Neill dies through ill health, his son Master Xander O’Neill is put in line to become the next Lord of The House, though this is no normal House. At the young man of seventeen is not seen in the eyes of the Law as old enough to lead his own ‘Order’, he is challenged for power and title. As the Global Order’s start to weaken, crack and fall through catastrophic events they bring upon themselves protecting him as others hunt to kill the Master, his journey is accompanied by friends and enemies alike; those who stay close assist him in many fetes and challenges, as those who are distant lay down their web of deceit, betrayal, loathing and lust for the chance to destroy the young man’s soul – by destroying the Family O’Neill name.

From Yorkshire to London, to Scotland and Amsterdam, Xander fends for himself while discovering that he is more valuable to “The Orders’” dead than alive. Knowing this his Aunt, Lady Melissa James-Cartwright assigns him the protection of CPS Officers who are previous employees of “The Agency”, an intricate asset of The Home Office. And, as they each play their role in the Power Game; each being the descendant of a Noble, while each having their value and position defined by what they are: Ace of Clubs to The King of Diamonds – The House of Cards. Officially known as “The Jack of Diamonds”, not only will Xander be taking his place at Cacciatori Svegliarsi Villa – “Hunter’s Wake Manor” – but become a Lord, as well as becoming one step closer to the one true power in which to change the whole world “The Harpsen”; he who holds “The Harpsen” control’s “The Four Corners”.


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