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Suburban Heat: Rise of an Empire – Synopsis

When Terence O’Neil suffers a heart attack and dies at the family home Cacciatori Wake (Hunter’s Wake), by his side sits Xander, son and heir of the O’Neil family fortune. In one of the most furious hostile take-over attempts in British history, the company which built the family name "Suburban Life” now becomes embroiled in a bitter war between Publishing firms that want nothing less than to own the entire business. Unfortunately, with Xanders’ mother, Marie dead – killed in a car accident four years earlier – the family lawyers representing the company turn to suggestions of selling off parts of the magazine, something that Xander is at first willing to do, until his Aunty, Melissa James-Cartwright, advises him to keep things the way that they are – for now.

Xander has just turned seventeen years old, his whole life is ahead of him and it is his Aunty who suggests that the company be placed into Trust until Xanders’ eighteenth birthday. In this instance the vulture companies wishing to own a slice are made to withdraw any claim to the magazine which has accumulated more than twenty million readers worldwide, and so begins the countdown to the day that the son of Terence O’Neil reaches the age of a man, so that finally the battle to take fame, fortune and customers the real champion of Tabloid Publication would rise and stand before the high ranks.

Lost and lonely without his father, Xander turns to his estranged Aunty, the woman that his father forbade to ever set foot back inside the family home again after Marie death, who takes him under her wing and builds up his confidence enough to send him out into the big wide world; to learn, to adapt and to have fun before returning one year later to decide upon the future of the family business.

France, Italy, Belgium, Amsterdam, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Xander takes to each and every major city and country throughout the world in a mask of his true identity as the son and heir to a fortune many could only dream about in their wildest dreams. Port to Port he finds friendship, trust, love, betrayal, heartache and tragedy, everything that he had been isolated from learning and knowing about while at home with his over-protective father. Had his mother still been alive then the whole world tour thing may never have arisen, though deep down in his heart he preferred to think that it would, for each passenger seat that was empty on every bus, plane, car and ship would have his mother sat by his side watching over his travels.

When the twelve months nears its end Xander is contacted by his Aunty who insists that he return home and make his decision on the company’s future, and as all eyes are on the clock for the son of the late Terence O’Neil to return and announce his big decision, some people have other plans on what should be done and who should be in charge of the Magazine.

Xanders’ journey home begins in Kenya, where along the way he comes face to face with more than flight delays, cancellation of travel plans and the more tropical elements of nature’s fury.  Only by returning home can he stake claim and take control of his father’s legacy that he would have wanted his only son to have, while others are under the belief that the son is less than able to run something as big as "Suburban Life Magazine”.

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